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Recover your lost or stuck cryptocurrency funds

No matter how hard governments try to regulate it, the Cryptocurrency industry is still alive and kicking. Since the topic is quite ambiguous to the general public, frauds use it to scam people out of their money, with what looks like a genuine investment opportunity.
If you fell into a Cryptocurrency scam, please contact us now.

Although it is extremely difficult to recover money from Crypto scams, we will give you our honest evaluation of your case, and if possible, we will give our best effort to recover your money.

Cryptocurrency Tracing and Recovery

The first step to recovering virtual assets is to determine where they were moved and to whom. This establishes our target.

Are Cryptos Traceable?

While Cryptocurrencies are, with few exceptions, decentralized, almost all virtual currencies are traceable. Cryptocurrencies are kept in digital accounts referred to as wallets. Each time Cryptocurrency is moved from one wallet to another it is recorded in the Blockchain.

The Technical Solution

We are able to not only trace the movement of Cryptocurrency and identify the specific wallets, we are also able to identify where those wallets are being held and even track the locations of those that access the wallets.

Not all Cryptos are Equal

Most Cryptocurrencies are traceable, however, not all. We are able to trace the most popular Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as others.

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